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+<title>Akcentigi rusan tekston</title>
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+<a href="index.html">[Esperante]</a>
+<h2>Akcentigilo por la rusa lingvo - put accents over Russian</h2>
+<p>Write a text in Russian, and click over <em>Accent</em> for accent-ization.</p>
+<form method=post action="/~viric/cgi-bin/ts_zparsetext">
+<textarea type=text name=teksto cols=40 rows=10></textarea><br>
+<input type=submit value="Accent" name=button>
+<input type=reset value="Clear" name=resetbutton>
+<p>Click over words to get a translation. I cannot make it work on Explorer,
+so use other browsers or help me make it work in it.</p>
+<h2>How it works</h2>
+<p>Click over words and get their translations</p>
+<p>It usees the dictionary Зализняка for the accents, and some others for
+the translations. Write me a letter if you want access to the source or the
+dictionaries. I'll write some links here on that someday soon.
+<h2>Contact the project maintainers</h2>
+You can contact the main programmer at
+<em><a href="/~viric/index.html.en">viric</a>(ĉe)vicerveza.homeunix.net</em>